25 July 2013

Shhh I've posted this here first ;-)

I normally would have set this up on my mandala blog first but decided to do things differently for a change.

This was fun using all sorts of stuff .... lace, glitter braid, stencil, pen and paint and structured Japenese paper.

I'm sweating cobwebs over here it is so warm, we only got a little bit of rain so far and the garden is still drooping but it's not stopping me from creating :-) Hope you are enjoying your summer!

21 July 2013

Green is cool on a hot summer day.

It's too hot at the moment, my grass is yellow and the plants are hanging in the garden. Looking forward to rain when it eventually comes here. The top painting/drawing is a collage using Crafter's Workshop stencils, acrylics and pen. The bottom one is also a collage using acrylic, crochet lace, Japanese paper and studs.

11 July 2013

A golden Oldie.

Done a few years ago painting, sewing and glueing on paper with all sorts of things.

At the moment I am working on a few projects at once but don't seem to have finished any of them yet. The summer is lovely here and I am enjoying the summer light.

22 June 2013

What got into me!!!

My head is spinning, total chaos and brilliant colours that scream against a black background, I normally never use black, just what got into me??? This is actually a collage, the flowers are material I cut out and I have used stencils again from Crafter's Workshop. Here is a journal side I did yonks ago ...

31 May 2013

Circle 60'ies and a couple of Mandala's

I bought a couple of circle punches recently and got punching, experimenting, eventually creating this flowing hippy 60'ies collage, it got to me so much I finished it at 4 in the morning :-)

I have a whole blog with circle pictures called Mandala Art, here there are creations done in many mediums - computer art, collage, paintings, photo and pen. Here are a couple of them reposted here.


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